>2 weeks


finally…. after 2 weeks….. i’m finishing off the spaghetti. well, to be truthful there is still sauce left, but i might forfeit and re-freeze it for another time. TWO WEEKS of eating spaghetti….. too much.
last night i managed to (1) go to a celebrity soccer match between NBA players (random?) as a fundraiser in chinatown, (stood the whole time) where the only people I recognized were Steve Nash and Tony Parker (2) go to a fundraiser for my friend Feng’s mission trip to Mexico in July (stood the whole time), and (3) rode the subway to Brooklyn for a Punch Brothers concert to see Chris Thile & his mandolin (stood the whole time). Skill! 🙂 By the end, I had been on my feet for 7 hours in pathetic flats with no support, and my feet hurt SO BAD. I scrounged up a seat on the subway for the final leg home last night, and wanted to cry because it felt so good. haha. It was my first time in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, which is ‘hipsterville’, where all the starving artists tend to congregate, and it had such a different feel than anywhere else I’ve been. Oh, New York, you have every type of flavor!
and…..today was a flop day in lab. =(
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