>snooze + summer heat


its monday. once again, the week starts over. once again i press snooze on my alarm over and over, and once again i skipped running this morning. once again i tell myself i will run later today, while some of my reactions run. we’ll whether it materializes. the race is in 3.5 weeks…..eek.
i heard (via mom) that allie has made it safely to sudan, and (ironically) has super fast internet. what is the world coming to??? =)
its supposed to hit 90 degrees today in NY. yesterday i met up with a highschool classmate who recently moved to the city, and we were reflecting on how summer in NY is SO MUCH HOTTER than Africa, but people rarely believe this when they are told. Africa has beautiful weather in places…. Nairobi in particular. NYC is a big oven, and all the concrete just holds and magnifies the heat. Yesterday it was so muggy and gross, the sky had to forfeit and drop some heavy rain (there weren’t even many clouds, just TONS of humidity). It rained for about 5 minutes, and then stopped again. That is the worst feeling…when the moisture is all around you, you breathe it in, you sweat and the sweat goes nowhere, just sits and soaks in….gross. Dry heat is best, like at Mombasa. =)
at this moment, portugal is beating north korea 4-0, and at least i have the world cup to distract me from missing Africa. =D
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