>lorie line + love


yesterday i played prelude music for half an hour (woot Lorie Line!) at ben & sara’s wedding in chelsea, and two hymns during the ceremony. i have zero pictures of the venue, bride, groom or friends to prove it, but it was a beautiful wedding! it is uncanny to have New Yorkers in their mid-twenties (a) actually get married, and (b) get married in New York. so, yesterday was special!
they had their reception at reBar in D.U.M.B.O (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in Brooklyn. a beautiful location with wrought iron gates, exposed brick and nice candles everywhere, lots of festivities, delicious food, but a KILLER subway ride home. we had to wait for half an hour at the station for a train to come (they only run once each half-hour late at night), so we sat around debating bad calls in the world cup match between the U.S. and Slovenia, and i blew bubbles for a little girl that was sitting on a neighboring bench (why did her mom have her out in brooklyn at 11 pm??). she had fun incessantly popping them, and when the train finally came i gave her the bubbles to continue the fun to her final destination.  we had a transfer at 14th street, and then another subway ride, and by the time i got home it was 1.5 hours since we’d left the reception. we only went EIGHT miles and it took 90 minutes. i could have jogged home faster than the train took us, and sometimes i am tired of depending on train schedules.
maybe i should get a bike. šŸ™‚
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