i believe the famous “Crumbs” bakery made a little appearance on my blog last month when katelyn was here. some columbia peeps and i went there tonight after our tennis match, ‘just because!’ and i had a chocolate muffin w/ peanut butter goodness icing/topping and oh….. heavenly.
then i went back to lab to finish up some stuff…. and now its 11:30 pm, and i have to wake up eeearrrrly to be to lab, so that i can justifiably leave at 10 a.m. to watch the US soccer team slay Slovenia! =D
allie and dad left for nairobi today. they are probably on a layover in Heathrow airport as i write this. it’s been a long time (7 years!) coming for them! i am soooooo happy for both of them. dad will be in kenya for meetings with AIM-AIR leadership. you can pray for allie & her team too; they will be working in a remote village in sudan, and we recently found out that the nearest available medical clinic in a town called Yei is shutting down because the NGO that runs it is finished working in the town, and is moving further north. pray for safety as they travel to sudan from kenya, and for peace, health, and protection during their time in Wadupe.
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