>today i spent 10 busy hours in lab, and had success. SUCCESS! it elicits a reaction in me that is promising, i think. i feel my heart squeeze, i wanna clench my fists and squeek “yessssss”. perhaps there is hope for me here yet. (wink). 😉

miscommunications between me and labmates regarding doing lunch somewhere in the bronx today meant that (a) i didn’t pack one, but (b) we didn’t go anywhere. so by the time 6:00 rolled around i was verrrry hungry despite my best efforts to assuage the hunger with a large amount of coffee; christine loves feeding me, and she popped a bag of pita chips out of her secret hiding place where the health inspectors can’t see them, and gave me a little snack. yummy!! being busy helped too. i suppose i could have snuck home quick during one of the lengthier reactions i ran, but sometimes, when i get into the groove, it isn’t helpful to change gears at all.

this is turning into a super nerdy post.

back to normalcy: i have to feed my FG this weekend…. ==> very large pot of mediocre spaghetti, problem solved. also, i forfeited to the years and inexcusability of not having seen my Wheaton roommates for f.o.r.e.v.e.r, plus the extra impetus that Heather is back from Laos this summer only, and purchased a ticket to L.A. for a weekend in July. I’ll figure out to pay for it later…. =/

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