>2 days in a row, plans with people have meant deferring my running schedule, and 2 days in a row my friends pulled rainchecks on me at the last minute…. as i’m dressed & headed out the door. hmm. i am not entirely complaining though. haha. today was supposed to be a 4 miler… maybe i’ll get up the gumption later today?

i finished my first week in lab. i was in lab yesterday, saturday, for 4 hours, which felt strange. the new world order, i suppose. I’ll go in tonight to start some overnight reactions so they will be ready for me to move forward on monday morning when i get into lab. that makes for 7/7 days doing something in lab.

last night i went to a citilights event and we went out to Indian food afterwards, and i met this lovely lady named Niya. She’s Ethiopian, but spent 15 years in London, and we talked and talked, and actually exchanged contact info (which, strangely, doesn’t happen all that often because NY is too big, and if you tried to stay in touch with every person you met, you’d fail miserably). Anyway, Niya was sooo fun…. haha. And I was the first person she’d met that had been to Ethiopia, so we got to chat a bit. =)

I love little connections.

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