>brotherly and baby love

>after i got home from cali, katelyn was waiting for me! we grabbed a bus in chinatown (which we barely caught… haha. Had to RUN from the subway!) to Philadelphia. when we arrived in city of brotherly love, we got to look around a bit while we waited for our ride to pick us up from the bus station. very pretty city!

I found this prayer by William Penn on the inside of city hall. things like this always make me curious about this life…because clearly this man had solid faith to pen something like this, but its so overlooked! not celebrated or used as a reminder to point the people of Philly to the Lord. hmm….

 We went to Philly to see Christina, who has two beautiful baby girls…. it was so fun to play with babies for a day! having to do it all day every day though, is a different story. Christina, I salute you! =o) Abby & Kaylee are adorable….

I got to spend time reading seasame street and the berenstsein bears and other lovely books to abby, who is a voracious reader. and sweet kaylee sat there, smiling and watched.

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