>I have coconut coffee brewing that I found as a bargain at a store in the neighborhood. And I associate cities with the special foods I can find there. So far, New York doesn’t have one single taste that stands out….but other places do.

Chicago’s flavor is Giordano’s deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. I like the spinach variety, and got to enjoy TWO pieces of this fabulous pizza when I went to visit Kate and meet her fiance, Alex, for the first time. Giordano’s stuffs their pizza crust with cheese, and the sauce goes on top of the pizza–the RIGHT way! haha.

Someone mentioned to me that there is such a thing as ‘New York’ style pizza…. a.k.a thin crust, but I don’t buy that at all. I never hear people say “Oh, you went to New York? Did you have pizza while you were there??”. But oh, Chicago style….

Another city flavor is….. San Diego’s fish tacos! I was so excited to have them again. I first discovered fish tacos when I went to San Diego for a research conference with Wheaton in 2008. My professor at Wheaton had finished her graduate work at UCSD and was excited to show us the local flavors…. I now know that Rubio’s World Famous fish tacos is the place to go.

I sat next to a businessman from Chicago on my flight out to San Diego. When I mentioned fish tacos, his face lit up and he said “Lobster Tacos are SO good!”. I didn’t venture that far, I stuck with cod, but maybe next time I’ll take his advice and get lobster. =)

The creperie that I love just around the corner here in Manhattan is always fabulous. I took my college roomie Katelyn there on Sunday for breakfast. She’d never seen savory crepes before, and I was proud to show of NY’s restaurants.

We also did Dimsum in Chinatown (dumplings to die for!), and made a restaurant of my apartment when we cooked delicious italian chicken and pasta….

Yummy flavors!

A different kind of taste…. Kate’s. We bought bridesmaid dresses while I was in Chicago, and I love it! She will have a beautiful wedding. =)

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