>Sometimes the streets have ‘a smell’, which can vary from day to day. Today the streets smell like garbage…gross. I ran a 3 miler this morning in prep for a mud-run in Philly in 6 weeks. It might be a stretch to be ready by then, haha. But… on my run I got whiffs of a variety of neighborhoods… garbage in each.

Other smells, though, are good smells. Flowers! Bakeries! Yankee Candles! When I was in San Diego, Jess took me to Balboa Park and there was this huge ‘indoor’ (?) garden with huge, beautiful flowers…..

Jess took me all over San Diego, we went to take a look at UCSD, where I might have been for grad school, had the Lord willed it. I am happy to be in New York, but would have loved to be in SoCal too. =) She took me to Coronado, La Jolla, Seaport Village… I saw Jacaranda trees lining the streets and got homesick. 
My last day there we went out for a wonderful breakfast at ‘The Cottage’ and then found our way over to the beach for some San Diego sun.
Thanks Jess!
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