>a characteristic of worms: they have a life-cycle, so you can’t just say “voila! be the age i need!” This results in large amounts of time between activities, hence this post. it is a little after 4pm on a tuesday and i have nothing to do…. i left lab around 1 to run errands…. thumbs twiddling now.

i have discovered one beauty of subway rides (there are many others) and it is this: it creates a time for reading! i have finished 2 books in the past two weeks, all because i learned to carry a book in my bag, and pull it out for those 10-15 minutes in between places. if you know me, you know that is no small feat. i have never been a reader, but it is a new aspiration of mine; we’ll see how long it sticks. 🙂 right now i am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan, a christmas gift from allie.

in other news…. my cousin Dan gets married in less than two weeks. I am excited for him! and to see the fam, to be up in beautiful new hampshire, and to welcome Kellie into our family. also, i (finally) took a tour of the huge cathedral outside my front door. it is the largest cathedral in the world! (St. Peter’s in Rome doesn’t count because it is a Basillica, different category). anyway, it is incredible. over 150 years old and still not completed. and as beautiful as the building is, it was also sad going on the tour, because it is also inexplicably secular. the point of the architecture is to draw your spirit heavenward, and to make you feel (appropriately) small & humble…. but instead it is a tourist attraction, and open to all faiths. hmm…..

 i asked why they have chair instead of pews, and a lady answered “because they use it for parties and things besides services”, so non-chalantly like it was a no-brainer & obvious…. makes my heart slump a little. and reminds me of when jesus turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple, for some reason.

i was supposed to go a Mets game last night, but it got rained out. could go to a double-header today instead, but opted out because Erin wasn’t gonna be there, and i can envision 5+ hours of baseball with all guys being less than riveting. =)

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