>sneaky sneaky! =P

>i love the word cusp. and mollify. and i love writing in all lowercase letters.

tonight i had beans and crackers for dinner….. sad day. and now, will spend the evening cleaning cleaning cleaning the tornado-struck disaster area i’ve been inhabiting for about a month. i cannot study in a messy room (true story) which is perhaps an explanation for why my room stayed clean last semester, and not this semester (hee hee). but! alas…. i received the requirements for my final project in cell bio, and it is rather involved, you might say. plus, i have to present my ethics paper next week, i have to present at a lab meeting to summarize the (piddly) results i’ve gotten in my rotation (dumb worms wouldn’t mate!!) and i have to read a truckload of background information on the stuff Liang wants to give me for a starting thesis project… i gave him a starting date of June 1st (oh the joys of sneaking in a break between labs! haha), so i can travel for couple weeks before starting. home, san diego, and washington DC with katie manskometer are on the docket. w00t.

so….somehow, i have to kick into high gear after months of having no homework, living in a pigstye, and doing fun things all throughout the week.

its a rough life. (wink) 😉

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