>late night ramblings.

>a good night. now to bed, running (again!) in the morning. =D


scratch that. i kill sinful amounts of time online, and now its an hour later! blerg.

but i am sitting here listening to kari jobe, contemplating the year+ (overall) that i spent at home, and as bored as i was, i wouldn’t trade it. i learned a lot about myself in it, got to spend the most time i’ve had with my parents since i was 10, and got to know my little brother. i got to settle some of the only (albeit tiny) roots i may ever have… and as fragile as they are, they are more than i’ve had since being in the U.S.

i am sitting on the cusp of something so much more permanent and stable than i have ever known. being the rootless global wanderer that i am, that feels simultaneously like a big sigh of ‘finally….’ as well as terrifying, because i dread the idea that i could get ‘stuck’ here.

the longer i am in NY, the more i like it….. =/

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