>$2.25 and manual labor??

>today i decided to take the bus home instead of the subway, which makes for today’s entry.

a rather eccentric woman boarded the bus a couple stops after me and sat across from me. i didn’t think anything of it; she talked on her cell phone to someone for a majority of her trip. she wore a maroon stretch band on her head with an oversized flower above her left temple, and large black dreadlocks popping out the back, a matching maroon knit poncho, and had red nails to boot.

to top it all off, she had cat-lady glasses that pointed up.

the bus came to her stop (i can’t remember where exactly) and she got up, stepped down to the back door of the bus and started shouting at the driver up front to open the doors. Several riders all reminded her that to open the doors she just had to push the handles; they were already unlocked.

“PUSH? I pay $2.25 and I have to do manual labor?” she said, in all seriousness. “Nuh uh…” she said, and she marched the full length of the bus, head held high all the way to the front, and went out the open front doors. She left everyone behind her snickering at her ridiculous offense at having to push the handle to open the doors.

Not sure whether to laugh at her, but my gut instinct was to be like you are ridiculous. get over yourself. who doesn’t know how to push a handle to open a door? and since when is that manual labor? you burned more calories marching to the front of the bus than if you’d pushed the door handles.

in the end, though, its none of my business. =)

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