>Excerpt of a talk by N.T. Wright, The Veritas Forum


How are we going to talk about God and Christ and the world in ways that make any sense at all within the larger social and cultural community where we are placed? Some people start by simply going straight for the question of Jesus, who he was, what he did, what it all meant. Thats fine, thats one perfectly good way, if you start off with that you shouldn’t go too far wrong.
I want to start in amore oblique way and try and reach out to people who might be coming from a long way outside the christian faith, and might actually start to think “Why should I even care whether this man Jesus even existed? Whats going on that might draw me in?” 
At this point some christians, some philosophers have tried to start “proving” the existence of God. I am not sure that you can actually do that in any way that makes sense to people today, or in any other day because to prove something you have to accept some sort of framework of reference, and then prove what you are proving in relation to that framework of reference. Then the framework of reference becomes the really important thing, and thing you are proving is merely one function which it happens to have. 
So if somebody says to me “Can you prove that God exists?” what they normally mean is ‘granted that I am a late western human being,’ or perhaps post modern person or whatever, “can you show me evidence for God within the framework of thought that I am assuming to be absolute?”
My answer to that is if God is God, if there is a God, and if this God is worth talking about with that word ‘God’, then this ‘God’ must be greater than all our frames of reference. So, to seek to put this God into such a frame of reference really isn’t going to do the business at all.

So I start off differently.
More of him in his book “Simply Christian”, which is supposedly a more modern companion to C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.
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