>i am posting a meaningless post instead of writing a paper for ethics, wishing i had some ritalin, or some inspiration. haha. there is a drafts feature in blogger that enables me to write and save entries. there is a significant one i will post on March 29th. Any readers know why?

There is also a drafts feature in my brain, and i am composing a fun post, which i will get around to after i finish this dumb paper.

I’m home for spring break, and its great…. the blessed South. lovely weather, life is slower, the roads are windy and there are horse farms with picket fences everywhere. and now I am the New Yorker thats annoyed because the cashiers are working too slow…. wants to lay on the horn when someone cuts into my lane to turn left at a light…. haha.

I took grandma and grandpa to the airport today; they are currently en route to London, and then on to Entebbe in a few days, for their grand reunion. They evacuated Uganda in the 1970’s when Idi Amin came to power and was starting to drive his country into the ground, and haven’t been back since. They will be going to a strange, changed place. I am so jealous.

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