>day off.

>ha! my paper is due tomorrow. i was a day off. so i can procrastinate some more. =D

the past week has been whirlwindish. Allie and Billie and mom came up to NJ for a bridal shower for Kellie, my cousin’s fiance. Allie & Billie spent Friday in the city with me, starting in Times Square. We took Allie to the Brooklyn Bridge for her first time, made use of day-passes on the subway, went to The Strand (amaaazing!!)–new york’s finest, HUGEST used bookstore. loved loved it.

Allie and Billy got lunch at a NY street cart, and in typical Allie fashion, she turns to Billy, somewhat confused, and asks, “should we get this ‘to go’?” and Billy calmly replies, “No, lets eat it in their dining room.” Oh Allie…. the things you say.

I took them to Harlem to my Bible study/dinner, and we finally crawled into bed after a FULL day on our feet. Allie has blisters to prove it. =) Saturday was Kellie’s shower. It was a full house of 50 women, chatting chatting, and kellie got lots of goodies. Then I went over to Erin & Ned’s for the night, and we went to an Ingrid Michaelson/Mat Kearney concert in Montclaire….so fun!!! The usual sleep-on-erin’s-couch night was typically uncomfortable, but I love seeing them. =) haha. Another friend was there too, and as we layed on various couches, the insane temperature of their top-story apartment woke me up eeaaarrrly. Windows open to no avail, all night. haha.

Then my friend and I jumped into the city for a quick Redeemer service, and then I caught a ride to MD to meet mom in Bel Air. I finally arrived home Monday night, after a long drive home with mom from Bel Air. This is what greeted me in my bed!! haha.

The next morning Brandon came and said hello in the dark dark hours of the early morning. He leaves for school when the sun has barely come up, and daylight savings just exacerbated it. He came home at the end of the school day bearing gifts.  In particular, a story he wrote (they are studying books, and have ‘Author Day’ on Friday, which I am looking forward to attending) about a prince & paper-bag princess. The princess saves the prince from a dragon, and his reponse to her (dressed in a paper bag) is “You are dirty. Come back when you are clean,” to which the princess replies, “You are very pretty and nice and strong, but you are a BUM!!!”

LOL. I am sitting here working on my paper, and Brandon is doing his homework.

Its good to be home.

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