>1. i just got an email from the mountain i went skiing at last weekend, and they are offering me a day of skiing for 50% off what i paid last time…SO CHEAP! but i look down at my blue legs… turning a beautiful shade of bruise-brown now, and think maybe i might just wait until next year…. =)

2. last night was our indoor soccer team’s last game…. and i FINALLY scored a goal! (we wont’ talk about the penalty i MISSED…. the goal was too far away. =D) but i made up for it. =) It was so sad at the end…. don’t know if there will be another team next winter, so i may have to be satisfied with (very) rarely getting together with friends and kicking a ball around outside or something.

3. classes were cancelled today. hurrah. slept in (skipped my run… eeks) and am heading in to lab to start off another week.

4. Spring break starts this weekend!!!! HURRRAHHH!!! I am headed to NJ for the weekend, hang out with friends, a concert, a bridal shower etc and then meeting mom in MD and driving home to NC while she recovers from a 16 hour shift in the ER. haha. It will be nice to be home! My grandparents go to Africa for a final hurrah visit after 25 years since returning to the U.S., and I’ll get to see them for a day before they leave NC.

5. This weekend was the most beautiful weekend…. 50 degrees and sunny. Yesterday I walked to church through riverside park and it was SOOO beautiful! Has spring finally sprung? Can’t wait!

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