>drippity drip

>its raining this morning. phew. no run. =) it was only a 3-miler anyway. (can’t believe i can use the word ‘only‘ there?! =D  )

i give my presentation in 60 minutes, and am thankful Kyle is my partner. haha. he’s smarter than me even though he doesn’t realize it….and i think its saving me right now!

this morning… i sit in the middle of my room, which is (once again) a complete disaster and it is days like this that i confirm what my mother has always suspected–that i am an utter slob. BUT! there are lots of days where my room is clean, and reaches its full cuteness potentail too. haha. on Saturday the BS department will be hosting their new recruits (that was ME a year ago!) and part of the weekend includes a tour of campus housing so people can know what to expect. of course, i volunteered my apartment (because its so cute! i love it!!) so i’ll have like 30-40 people coming by my apartment to peek around on Saturday. my roomie is cool with it (she did the same thing last weekend with her department’s recruits), and basically…. we love showing off our apartment b/c its so nice. haha. be jealous!

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