>bruised and battered

>its 1:38 a.m. and i am forfeiting a semi-battle with 3 papers on Protein Kinase A crystallography papers… presentation Wednesday. Fantasie Impromptu is playing, as i wind down another day….

i ran 5.5 miles this morning (back into the swing!) after taking ALL of last week off. Not sure what was going on in my body, but last week i was SO tired the whole week…. didn’t run once, slept lots and lots and was still so tired. maybe i was starting to get sick? who knows. I felt better today, so that’s good.

the title of this post is inspired by several things:
(1) my legs. I went skiing this weekend, and have three glorious, blue, tender bruises to show for my time on the slopes. but oh! it was so nice to get away from the city, and the mountain was beautiful! the snow was so deep! deeper than i think i have ever seen. alas, i was silly and left my camera in my bag! so NOTHING to show for it all! my friend michelle and i made 2 friends on the slopes who are both columbia students. jorge, from mexico city, took our picture, but has yet to email it to me. fingers crossed! if he does, i will update this post. =)



(2) i have been contemplating spiritual warfare, in light of a friend’s struggle with tough questions. this, in tandem with a recent conversation i had with 2 cult members who approached me while reading a book the other day, reminded me that we are at war! it seems it is easier to acknowledge the spiritual nature of our battle when i am in Africa, where witchcraft and a sense of satan at work is more blatant; here in the US it is so much more subtle… more dangerous perhaps. anyway… the power and importance to speak truth at every opportunity is weighing on me currently. how to balance it with tact, humility, and love…. trixy stuff.

now adagio for strings sings me to sleep….

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