>saturday & subway run-ins

>today my indoor soccer team had a game…. and as 2 or 3 people petered in i wondered if we’d have enough for a full team. but we did! only 3 girls showed up, and 2 have to be on the court at all times, so that meant only 1 female sub. which made for a more taxing game than usual, but lots of playing time = SWEET. And we WON! By a lot. good good.

we headed to a diner by union square for lunch and i had a yummy mazarella tomato pesto sandwish (delish) and a huge MILKSHAKE…. its been months since i had a milkshake! ha! Then i walked outside and it’s a beautiful, warm day today and i know i should be running…..but if i do, i am pretty sure my milkshake will make a not-so-pleasant re-appearance. =)

random note: on the subway this morning on the way down to the game, a punk-rocker lady with black hair in a crazy hairstyle got on the train and sat across from me. I wouldn’t have noticed, except that somebody nearby said across the car, “I love your haircut!” and the lady blushed and smiled and said “Thank you” in a crisp British accent. So I noticed her.

This afternoon, on my subway ride home from soccer & lunch, as we passed 103rd street, I saw that same lady with her striking black hairstyle deboard the train, and I remembered her! I wonder how many people I run into repeatedly (not that hard to envision, since we all live on the same subway line) but don’t notice because of the sheer volume of people and failure to have a pointed experience to associate, like I had today. I do know one MTA worker that mans the elevators at 168th street spends his 8 hour shifts transcribing scripture. One of these days maybe I’ll have the guts to intrude on him and introduce myself. I remember him, but perhaps to him I am one of thousands of people that ride his elevator every day….and without a pointed experience, its too easy to let people slip into anonymity.

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