>6:58 A.M.: wake up on my own (lucky since i forgot to reset the alarm last night!)
7:05 A.M. : half-heartedly getting off email so i can get dressed. Professor emailed that we DO have class today, 10:10. Get distracted by recaps of the drama-drama Bachelor episode I missed last night.
7:10 Dig running clothes out of laundry basket, dump in pile on floor by my shoes.
7:15 Half-heartedly begin looking for my missing ipod.
7:20 Can’t find iPod. perhaps the perfect excuse to not go running this morning!
7:21 Find iPod in my sweatshirt pocket. Shoot. Get dressed, laced up, grab keys & cards & head out.
7:25 Arrive in lobby downstairs, walk to front door.
7:26 Walk outside…..and whats this? RAIN?


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