>time management

>for the time being, i will ignore the irony in making a post on time management at 10 pm on a Sunday night, after whittling away the weekend on niceties and nothingness, while i have a stack of grading to be done by morning, as well as a run to be awake for…


time management… i think i’ve gotten worse and worse at it as i’ve gotten older. Fie the day i first learned to procrastinate….it has thoroughly infected me. and i pondered this weekend how it can be that i can set aside an hour and a half to make a long run several weekday mornings, yet so often struggle to set aside 20 mins to read my Bible. i won’t even go into how poor my study habits have become…. =/

and, in light of some discussions with my fellowship group and reflecting on my specific areas of weakness and/or ‘crutches’ (specifically, being too dependent on people) i have decided to take a break from cyber social networking. again. we’ll see if i last better this time than my earlier attempts.

i’ll miss seeing the pics of babies, and weddings, and friends….of birthdays etc. and what was the world like before facebook….?

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