>Snowed in!


introduction: we used to live in Bel Air, MD and mom was a nurse there, and when we moved to NC mom kept her job in MD and would commute to MD, work 80 hours in one week, once each month, and have the other three weeks off to be home in NC. She started a new job in November, full time in Charlotte and left the job in MD. THEN…they called her last week and asked if she would come up and work one weekend, and she agreed.
So… it turned into a family affair. Grandpa & Grandma came along to visit the cousins in Bel Air, and when we got news about a huge blizzard to hit MD, Dad came along to help mom drive through the snow, which meant pulling Brandon out of school for 2 days. awwww… how unfortunate…. a weekend with the cousins instead of school…..  wink.

AND… our family (a) likes to attempt to surprise each other, and (b) always fails. I bought a bus ticket to Baltimore to surprise my grandparents, cousins, and possibly Dad if mom could keep quiet. Meanwhile, Mom and I tried to keep Chris from finding out that anyone except Mom was coming up from NC. Fail, again. So in the end, Grandma & Grandpa were surprised by Ashley, but all else failed. haha.

I left NY earlier than planned on Friday to beat the snow, and it started mid-afternoon on Friday, and snowed for over 24 hours straight. The next morning when we woke up, it was a different world, and the snow was still coming down. Magical!

We played in the snow and did cycles of playing outside and coming back inside to drink hot chocolate, warm up, and change into alternating sets of clothes while the first set went into the dryer. I helped shovel the (long) driveway, but didn’t get nearly as involved as Cole, Boo, and Marie… they built tunnels and forts and had oh-so-much fun! I haven’t seen this much snow since I was Brandons’ age, and we were visiting Grandma & Grandpa in Wisconsin over a furlough. All I can remember is (being African….) spending my whole recess just trying to get my (ill-fitted) snow-pants on. Inevitably, once I got them on, the recess bell rang and it was time to come back inside! It was fun to play this past weekend, without a recess bell. =)
Finally, mid-afternoon the sun came out, the snow stopped, and we sat and waited over 24 hours before the plows finally came through, and I barely escaped to make it back to NY in time for class this morning… (in 20 mins actually…. I gotta get running!)
GREAT WEEKEND!!! The only bummer was being stranded across town from Dad & Chris for a day, and not seeing Mom, who was stranded @ the hospital, working!
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One Response to >Snowed in!

  1. A, Peggy says:

    >I continue to enjoy your blog Ashley. Especially the pictures of you and your family. Don't need to look at snow, however, we have had enough for this year. Our sidewalks are clear, but tonight we are expecting more snow and not just a few inches.Keep running….I am down to a fast walk for 45 min. a day at the fitness center.Love to you.A. Peggy

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