>caught up on my guilty pleasure shows…ABC family cheese, the bachelor, NCIS….

butternut squash in the oven…. yum. oatmeal cinnamin chip cookies made last night to top it off…. or for an appetizer? the worms are picked, tomorrow will be a chill day in lab….

what to do with the time? it seems like i have so much this semester….aah. i think i’ll probably sit down and get through a good chunk of East Of Eden, with some decaf coffee.

yesterday i found videos posted by A.I.M. recruiting people to “move against the fear”, quoting Elisabeth Elliot, and venture to serve in the heart of central Africa, the most ravaged, pillaged, and destroyed parts of the world we live in. and the pictures, i see the landscapes, the beautiful white smiles contrasted with the black black of beautiful African skin, the dancing and singing in church, the simplicity of life, and the genuine faith displayed when they have nothing left to lose…. it makes me so other-sick, and i want to pack my bags, buy a ticket, and leave this all behind.

but here i am in the craziest city…. i read this morning in Ecclesiastes 5 about poverty, riches, and finding joy in your station, because everything passes away…. and remember Mom’s aptly spoken words, 13 years ago which I’ve never forgotten…. “Bloom where you are planted.”


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