>i begrudgingly got out of bed this morning, thankful that at least i didn’t have to run. i did have to grade homeworks though…. then i proceeded to get to class on time (good) and then headed uptown after class… i had a full cup and half of coffee this morning and the usual muesli, etc so no reason to be sleepy….but oh. oh oh oh.

bad bad afternoons…. i am rarely bothered to pack a lunch this semester, and i hardly notice since the hours all seem to mesh together. usually, I’m fine. but TODAY….i crashed and burned. i closed my eyes and started falling asleep on the subway home… came in the door and almost cralwed straight into bed.

oh my…. Monday.

and tomorrow is Tuesday, and I have to pick 120 worms. TORTURE in the first degree. At least they aren’t fluorescent worms…i’d be there f.o.r.e.v.e.r AND a day, instead of just forever.

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