>good weekend

>1. saw matt & erica, met the famous & endearing moose, got to look out at the sea over my morning cup of coffee.

2. went to Target. (little pleasures).
3. had brownies for breakfast!
4. had significant time with steinbeck in East of Eden. success.
5. played indoor soccer
6. went to church. amazing message about the “life-control illusion” americans are prone to, and why we can’t deal with suffering as well as the rest of the world is able to. tim keller = great teacher.
7. chicken masala sandwich for dinner. yumm.
8. played ‘complicated’ charades, among other things, with friends from church, and DOMINATED.

and it all starts over at 7 am tomorrow with my run. =/

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One Response to >good weekend

  1. >hey ashley!it's megan…from charlotte, now in bolivia.thought i'd check out your life in nyc after reading about your visit with the yezerskis on their blog:)!yay for your training….hope it all continues to go well.

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