>lets be frank

>there is something beautiful about being candid with people. there is risk too…. being your true self & being rejected is hard on pride (i hate that! i’m being honest! ha) but when you take the first step towards being transparent, you ‘set the tone’ with people. at erin’s wedding the pastor encouraged them to each be the first to ‘set the tone’ in the relationship. i love that challenge. and i also find friendships where i am most myself, most transparent, and loved deeply are the most precious.

i don’t know what has elicted these thoughts to share with you. but i find sometimes i need a reminder that its ok to be an imperfect person, and that its good to share my imperfections with people. being loved for who i am and not just the clean portions is oh-so-much-better than being ‘put together’ and feeling unknown.

on me:
yesterday i bought a metra pass. ouch…. but it means ‘free’ unlimited subway/bus rides for a month! today i had lunch with a new friend from Erin & Ned’s wedding that works @ the medical center. tomorrow i take over responsibilities for facilitating the biweekly department “Happy Hour”….. blerg. Not sure how I got suckered into this position. frown. BUT, it means i will be getting hundreds and hundreds of miles on my credit card each month, courtesy of the department. smile. And i’ll end the day tomorrow at Fellowship Group (my faaaavorite) and then take the train out to Long Island to visit Matt, Erica, & their bulldog Moose, for the weekend.

Tuesday there was an earthquake in Haiti…. i can’t comprehend times like these. i just shut my brain & heart off and skip that headline in the news, and go down to something more managable. but then….my friend Erin and her new hubbie are in Dominican Republic for their honeymoon….next door to Haiti. and it makes it more real & humanizes it…. pray for the people in haiti and the workers who are laying aside their lives to help others recover…

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