>I have started my second research rotation, working for Iva Greenwald, an HHMI researcher (big deal!) at Columbia University Medical Center who studies genes related to cancer. She uses C.elegans, a kind of nematode worm to study her genes, so for the next for months I’ll be playing with worms, slithering around an agar plate full of delicious bacteria. Sounds fun, right? =) I am really thankful for this great opportunity, and it gave me an unexpected rush taking the subway up to the Med School, walking into a huge, HUGE building, and thinking to myself “I can’t believe I get to DO this!!”

So thats great.

This morning I ran 1.7 down to 86th & CPW to meet Emily O, who is on my team for the half marathon in April. We took a loop around the reservoir (another 1.5 miles), after which I was beat and ready to head home. It’s been only a week since my last run, but I could FEEL it. Oh dearie.

Hey! If you want to sponsor my team for this race for World Vision (specifically, projects building wells in Kenya & Malawi), you can click here to find my Team World Vision page and links to donate online. Every dollar counts!

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