>run with me!

>Last night Emily & I went to the Guggenheim museum to see a Kandinsky exhibit. It was neat watching his style morph over the course his career. We met up with my roommate, Anne, afterwards to go to Jason’s for an inaugural reading of a screenplay he is in the process of finishing. It is set in space and based on a novel I can’t recall the name of. I took my camera with me when I went, thinking I’d take pictures…. I only got one of me in front of an incredible old-school Land Rover–reminds me of Africa! ha!

I proceeded to LEAVE my camera at Jasons (smart) which was not good because tomorrow I go to NJ for Erin’s wedding, and this camera is a must-have. So….this morning on my 4.3 mile run (YEAH!!!) I stopped by his apartment to pic it up, which enabled me to give you a glimpse of running in NY! Cool!
Jason in the morning. Thanks for my camera!

An orthodox church on the Upper West Side

The road ahead…
Beautiful Riverside Park….
Boom! Canon!
Soldiers & Sailors Monument at 89th

Playgrounds in Riverside Park

More of the road ahead…
Me, around mile 3.5…
The home stretch….literally.
There you have it!

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