>snow + christmas

>last year this time, i was preparing to fly home from Bristol for christmas. and a blizzard hit as my plane crossed the atlantic. we managed to land in chicago, but my flight on to charlotte was cancelled because of snow. by some miracle i managed to get a flight out the next morning, arriving home on christmas eve, JUST in time!

this year, i made the trek from my apartment in north manhattan to Newark, NJ to board a plane bound for charlotte…. and once again, inclement weather threatened me making it home. i contemplated signing up to be bumped off my flight in exchange for a free ticket, but mom said “don’t do it! you won’t get another flight out, because a blizzard is hitting the NE coast tomorrow.” i am glad i took her advice.  i made it home in time to go to Kristen’s wedding today, which was lovely. And many of my friends who are in NY today and were planning on flying home are stuck without flights until after Christmas, potentially. Our flight was delayed, but somehow managed to make it through the snowstorms into Charlotte. Phew!

this is NY today. A mess! I have been forunate when it comes to christmas + snow. =)

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