>closed doors


i find this picture fitting…. a small church a block away sits silent, closed…. seems fitting to represent what so many NYers are…. I think I mentioned before on here, that I was once corrected by a girl in my lab, that we were planning a “Holiday” party, not a “Christmas” party. There is a difference. I also overheard a discussion in lab between 2 colleagues about whether or not it was politically correct to call it a “Christmas” Tree. The consensus was that Christians were the only religion that used trees, so it was OK.

Today was the “holiday” party for my lab, and it was bizarre to me to walk into my boss’s home, where there were no lights, no tree, no music, no decorations other than a tablecloth he must have purchased just for this occasion, that was red & green….  I know Christmas is way more than the decorations, but it was strange to be somewhere where there is nothing to celebrate.

I know I’ve grown up in a little American world…even though RVA was in Kenya, it was still distinctly American. And it’s strange the things that I take for granted as being ‘normal’, even though most of the world doesn’t do things the way I do. But sometimes it feels like something that is mine is being taken from me when people don’t let me say the word Christmas.

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