>below freezing. blerg.

>Right now it’s 30 degrees outside. And feels like 15, with a wind advisory. COOOOOOLD!!!!!

The night is young. I have a huge presentation tomorrow that I am NOT ready for….and have pastries to bake for a party tomorrow evening, plus running to do in the morning. I will start my weekend off being t.o.t.a.l.l.y FRIED. And SOO much studying to do this weekend. Exams next week! I can’t wait for Christmas break!

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One Response to >below freezing. blerg.

  1. Kate says:

    >oh honey… that's a heat wave. the high here today was 5. it's supposed to be -5 overnight tonight and only 8 tomorrow with windchills of -15. 30 sounds warm!Good luck with everything! šŸ™‚ Stay warm!

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