>Ugly Sweater, anyone?

>Christmas parties, every night of the week! Wahoo!

Ok, not literally. But figuratively, yes! Tomorrow night is a Christmas cookie party with my lovely ladies from FG and anyone who wants to join. BUT… I have yet to be invited to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, which I would get such a kick out of! Haha. Any volunteers?

I have 11 days until I fly home. 11 days to learn…. basically everything. This quad has been bizzare in the classroom. A combination of (a) poor teaching, (b) uninteresting subject material, (c) a lack of study materials (there is no homework in this program…. 100% exams) and (d) relative ease in comparison with genetics, that I (and everyone else, I believe) have done little studying. Which feels strange, heading into exams. What could we possibly be tested on? After all, it’s an A for effort, right? (wink).

I can’t wait to see these people. SOON!

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One Response to >Ugly Sweater, anyone?

  1. >you're such a cute writer. 🙂 I miss you! good luck on exams!

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