>fun weekend. =) but i forgot my camera…. =/

>yesterday was a party day. first i went to a surprise brunch at Marissa’s to welcome Sam,who is visiting from London for the week. It was fun to see him after a year and a half. i am dumb and forgot my camera….sad! Because….

THEN i left that party for another one! My Fellowship Group “tree” (all the groups that have spurred off of the one I am currently in) get together for a huge Thanksgiving feast every year. So I made Grandma’s famous carrot and cheese casserole and took it with me. There was so much food, though, that there are plenty of leftovers, which makes me very happy. =)

And then….left that party and decided to spend the night at Emily’s apartment by the GW bridge in Washington Heights. Her roommates are both in Philly today for the Philly marathon, so the 2 of us made the trek from midtown to 181st, and picked up ingredients for granola on the way. I taught her how my mom makes it… easy as pie and so yummy! We watched a dumb chick flick, had some nice pillow talk, and fell asleep to the very noisy sounds of Washington Heights….

I woke up early to race home for a skype call with Laura that didn’t materialize, so now I am sitting here trying to get motivated to STUDY. It can’t all be fun games. =(

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