>all in a Friday night…

>Blonde in pink on a Friday night = bad idea?

Tonight, not 1….2… no, not even 3….but FOUR NYPUA’s. On a crosswalk… outside the grocery store…. passing a bar on my walk to Bible study….(i wonder how he would have responded if I had actually stopped and waved my Bible at him! ha!) and lastly, via a text message from the guy who sits next to me in lab.

The last one is the weirdest…. how am I supposed to respond???

It’s now 12:30 a.m., loud Hispanic music is blaring and people sing along from some nearby apartment, and I have been awake 35 of the past 40 hours. I’ve just put a carrot casserole in the oven for a Fellowship Group Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at noon…. 30 minutes until it’s ready. And THEN I can fall into sweet, albeit all-too-short….sleep.

I gave a homeless man by the grocery store a sandwich and a cup of coffee when I was picking up some last-minute ingredients for my casserole… and am thankful for a Fellowship Group that spurs me on to good works and challenges me weekly to be a light in this hard city. As his calloused, shaking hands grasped the coffee, the man simply said “oh Miss, God bless you!”, and I responded “God bless you too…” It is hard to know what to say sometimes, without sounding trite.

I’ll post some pics from the Synchrotron…. we could measure quick diffraction patterns in 2 seconds, which would normally take us 12 minutes on our (already high tech, expensive) x-rays at home. Amazing!


So i know the pictures don’t do it justice….at all. But I was impressed. 🙂
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