>things i’ve learned (so far) in NYC


  1. city living is not glamorous.
  2. smart cars are very, very smart.
  3. pedestrians have right of way even when the hand is red.
  4. tons of places are cash only…. annoying.
  5. the subway is not as fast as it feels.
  6. public transportation in general is not time-efficient or necessarily money-efficient, but it is ‘carbon-footprint-efficient’!
  7. the f-word is no longer a swear-word…. it is just every-day vocabulary.
  8. shoes wear out 5x faster here.
  9. Central Park is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E
  10. the difference between a local and an express train is important!
  11. you have go to a ‘bagel shop’, not just a bakery, to get a real, good NYC bagel
  12. the big streets are: 34, 42, 66, 72, 96, 110, & 125…. and north of that, I don’t know.
  13. Every Christian knows someone who went to Wheaton.
  14. There is no “Christmas” season here…. there are “the Holidays”…. and that distinction has been pointed out specifically, to me.
  15. People wrap their identities in their work…. work hard, play hard.
  16. shopping is a pain here. you have to walk blocks & blocks between shops….there are no Malls or shopping centers.
  17. There are lots of whack-jobs here.
  18. There are tons of children in the city…. everywhere! Learning to walk, jump rope, ride bikes, skateboard, or play football on the sidewalk…. walking to school in the morning, out & about with the au pair.
  19. there are w.e.a.l.t.h.y people here, and very, very poor people here.
  20. it is beneficial to have plans ahead of time on the weekends. despite the endless possibilities, it can be hard to find something to do that doesn’t involve spending oodles of money.
  21. packages in the mail can be more of curse than a blessing (because if they are more than 6″ long i have to walk a mile and wait an hour in line at the post office to get it) or if they are UPS, i have to BE HOME when they come or they don’t deliver my package.
  22. Chase bank charges you every time you use someone else’s ATM (so I get charged by the teller and by my own bank. Extortion!)
  23. There are ‘public’ tennis courts that are (expensive…”public”??….but still) available! hurrah!
  24. the Hudson is very….VERY….dirty
  25. more to come…
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