>last night there was a grad school mixer, and i was able to talk to a sixth year grad student (who, ironically, works across the hall from me in the lab of the professor i so *enjoy* in my new class….umm…) anyway, and he couldn’t emphasize enough to me how GREAT my current boss (Liang) is… so much better than his boss (surprise?). And he said if I have the chance, I should stay in the lab I am in right now…. people consistently graduate quickly (5 yrs), and Liang doesn’t let people get stuck in a rut on projects that don’t move forward, which frequently happens when P.I’s don’t care about how long their students stay in grad school….

This all comes after I thought I had decided to do more rotations to gain extra experience for the sake of being more well-rounded for my post-graduate school career endeavors… aaghh!! I am torn. And somewhat afraid to commit to a lab so early…. commitment issues? =P

Anyway, so you can pray for insight, clarity and peace for me with a decision, or at least for a positive conversation with my P.I. about how he would feel if I rotated out of the lab and then came back later this year…

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  1. Erica says:

    >ashley!i tried to email you but it got returned. so i'm trying here – are you coming out this week? by plane, train, or automobile? let us know so we can work it out!! i'm excited!!!

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