>Erin’s getting married!

>This weekend was a busy, busy one….. It’s Sunday night and I am soo tired! Way to start the week.

It started with Friday night, when I volunteered to feed my church small group our weekly dinner for bible study. I made enough chili to feed 15 people (via multiple rounds because my crock pot is tiny….Thursday was a late night! haha) and then I proceeded to lug enough chili to feed 15 people, plus condiments, through the streets of New York!! haha. My shoulders, arms, and fingers were in SO MUCH PAIN…and my shoulders still haven’t recovered…been sore all weekend. But the chili was YUMMY.

Then on Saturday I hopped on the Subway down to Port Authority to catch a bus out to New Jersey for a weekend of bridal shower activities…Erin’s bridesmaids all met up for dinner a bit of planning on Saturday, dinner together at California Pizza Kitchen (yum!). Today we went to Erin’s church, and then headed out to her friend’s house where we hosted (yet another!) bridal shower for Erin. It was so beautiful! I (of course) forgot my camera, so if I manage to get pics from Kara or Erin, I’ll post some here in the future.

She gets married in 2 months… so crazy!

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