>Yanks Win!

>I went to a local sports pub tonite with classmates to watch the Yankees win the World Series!! Yeah New York! And hooray for finally watching a game on a T.V. instead of tracking it on the internet…. ha. My roommate suggested we get a T.V. and i am not sure how i feel…. there are so many fun shows [insert NCIS, House, American Idol….] that will inevitably drain time and exacerbate my already-lacking time-management skills! hahaha. But then I could watch the World Cup and Yankees etc from the luxury of my (very cute) living room! aahhh choices.

And now it is 1:00 a.m. and i have massive reading to do by tomorrow at 9 a.m. (this is what the World Series is costing me…. a night of peaceful sleep….). So I have toast and peanut butter, a lovely pot of decaf coffee, and ICE CREAM to get me through this little study blitz…. almost the weekend!?!

Which reminds me…. in addition to not sleeping, I have to give a presentation on Friday of a research paper (eek) AND cook dinner for 15+ people for my Fellowship Group through Redeemer…. it has turned into a busy week!!!!

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