>Happy Birthday Grandpa!


This weekend was supposed to be Grandpa & Norma’s surprise 80th birthday party, but instead of a birthday party, Grandpa had a heart attack! So we visited him at home the day he came home from the hospital, with balloons and lunch in tow.
He was his chipper self, although a bit weak from several days in the hospital. We all enjoyed the time with him, and sat around listening to him tell more of his famous stories. He told us how he first started asking Grandma to date him back in the 1950’s, and she kept turning him down. You go girl! haha. And she finally agreed to go a missions conference with him in NJ. And it was downhill from there. He proposed to her under the porch at a missions conference, in September of 1953, and they were married three months later, in January 1954, before moving to Congo in May 1954. 
He also told us stories about his family’s dairy farm in Rumney, NH and how it all burned to the ground in 1945, just after the war ended. They lost everything, all their cattle, and the only thing they had left were milk bottles that had been delivered that morning. Grandpa still has a few, and let each of his kids take some to remember the story!
Norma played ping-pong in the basement with Brandon and anyone else who dared challenge her.
Dan brough his fiance, Kelly, to meet the family, and Grandpa gave her his stamp of approval! Dan will be the first of the Barney cousins to get married!
And the grandkids got a picture with Grandpa that we were all thankful to have! Mike & Dave were missing… =(
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One Response to >Happy Birthday Grandpa!

  1. Erica says:

    >hey girl! today in church we had a visiting pastor who started/works at a church near columbia called emmanuel west presbyterian. or something like that. anyway, sounded like a good deal and they are passionate about students/grad students. made me think of you and i thought i should catch up. sounds like you're doing well! how fun that you got to spend time with your family! were they all up in NY? you need to come out sometime in the next couple weeks – we still haven't been in to the city. weather/matt's schedule . . . but his sched looks pretty free the next couple months, so hopefully soon. but it's QUITE different from the cityscape and might be nice for you! You can bring a friend if you like and stay the weekend . . . or just come for the afternoon! we'll feed you more than baked beans and crackers. your apartment looks cute, by the way!!!!!!

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