>For the past (month almost!) i’ve been using 0.5 microliters of polymerase in my PCR and getting crappy (or zero) results. Found out today Linda uses 1 microliter…. and I am praying that is the difference!! I will find out tomorrow. Every time I try a new reaction, I get my hopes up. And every time for the past month, my hopes have been dashed when i get into lab…. maybe tomorrow will be the new start? =/

If that’s not the solution to my problems…. ugh. gag.

On a positive note, met with classmates for 3 hours tonight to go over one paper…that infamous Brenner paper I mentioned earlier. And I think we have it down!! Little triumphs! I finally answered my own lingering question about one of the calculations, and that sense of accomplishment was a great feeling. Now for the other 12 papers to get down before our exam in two weeks…. eek!!!

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