>Brooklyn Tabernacle!


Today I rode the subway to Brooklyn to meet a friend, Carolyn, for a service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle… such a pretty building (a converted theater house), and as I was walking into the building, I saw a few familiar faces… People from AIM, the Barnetts, the Longs, and…… The Becker family was in town from California! I worked for John on various projects during my time in Bristol in December, and it was a fun surprise to see him, his wife Maureen, and their adorable kids again.

The BT has a HUGE choir! It was a great worship service, lots of great music. And then Philips, Craig & Dean finished off the service with a concert. Fun to hear them live! And they sang their best songs… Then we all headed around the corner to a restaurant in Brooklyn with yummy, affordable ribs… lots of conversation and updating people about my family. Then when we left the restaurant, the Longs graciously offered to drive me back to Morningside Heights…. and I accepted. Lesson learned: it is (almost) ALWAYS faster to take the subway than to drive… we spent 30 minutes driving one mile on Canal Street to get to the west side highway….ugh. I could have been home in 30. But c’est la vie. You live and you learn.

Back to the grind….its Monday all over again.

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