>i deleted my facebook account yesterday…. time sucker and other reasons… but it feels weird not being connected to people. ha! perhaps temporary? dunno yet.

i love Redeemer…. today he talked about how in 1 Chronicles when David is collecting goods to build the temple, God tells David that he can’t build it, but that “his son will be a man of peace who will build the temple, and whose kingdom will have no end.” And for some reason I always thought it was referring to Solomon, since he built the temple. But it wasn’t! It was referring to Christ! and the temple was His body, and his reign is through us. And he was talking about how God’s presence isn’t bound to a temple built by human hands, even in the OT. When His people fell away from Him, He didn’t stay in the temple, and Ezekiel had a vision of the Spirit of the LORD leaving the temple permanently… so the temple in Jesus’ day was an ’empty’ one. so interesting.

and now back to the books. my updates might become more frequent since i don’t have the FB internet outlet…haha.

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