>busy day!

>today was full of fun New York-ness!

At 2 pm Kristin and I met to head south to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall where we met up with several others from Redeemer to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Grimaldi’s famous pizzeria in Brooklyn. The bridge is about 200 years old, and the central pillars are original… I imagine they’ve been reinforced as the bridge has grown, but they still have their historic charm.

We ended up having to stand in line for and hour and half, which apparently is typical for this pizzeria because its such an attraction. Then we had delicious ice cream while overlooking downtown through sunset. There were (count them) 1…2…3….FOUR WEDDINGS being photographed with the cityskape behind them on this beautiful Saturday afternoon… so fun to see. Lots of wedding variety in one place! Even a pink wedding dress! haha. And behind it all, the sun set and gave an illusion of two suns as it reflected off the skyscrapers. Perfect end to a great day?


Kristin and I headed back uptown towards home, and decided to stop in mid-town to see if we could find a movie theater. We ended up missing our showtime because we got off the subway too early…. and randomly Kristin looks at the clock, says “It’s 8 o’clock. A lot of Broadway shows start at 8. Wanna see if we can see one?” YES!!!!

So we bustled & shuffled & hurried the 4 blocks to Phantom, ran up to the box office and asked if they had any student rush tickets (which are cheap tickets designated for students at universities/schools in the city) and they said “no, but we have these $95 seats we’ll give you for $35, just don’t tell the people you sit next to!” and we said “DEAL!!!”. We entered just as the Overture was beginning….couldn’t have have gotten there a minute later!


So saw Phantom tonight at the Majestic Theater in Times Square, and I loved it! John Cudia is a b.i.g.t.i.m.e broadway star (played the lead in many many plays) and is the permanent phantom at the Majestic theater, and he was great… soo good.

So all in all, perfect end to a great day in New York!

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