>i WISH i had taken a picture… i made my FIRST EVER roast with mom’s wonderful instructions, in my trusty crock pot. and had someone to share it with. =) Kristin came over for dinner, and was thoroughly amazed at my domestic prowess, until I told her it was only my first time ever, and that (seriously!) i am NOT a cook. haha. she doesn’t believe me, because i told her that i made granola last night. those are the 2 things i know how to make: granola, and meat in a crock pot.

other than that, i’ve been eating lots of spaghetti… lots of spaghetti. and drinking obsene amounts of coffee, as usual.

this morning, by some fluke, lab mates managed to convince me that meeting at the gym at 7:30 am was a good idea. dubious that it will be even a semi-regular occurrence….. anyway, so there i was, barely awake, plowing away on the elliptical and hating every minute of it. and i had to pay 50 cents to store my sweatshirt and $200 keys (literally… if lose them that’s how much it costs to replace them. i.n.s.a.n.e….). thats lame. the locker i mean. the keys too, i guess.

BUT i finished. and scurried home to shower before class. and subsequently spent a day in lab screwing up just about everything possible. i left the PCR refridgerating the open air…. made a DNA gel out of water/agarose….oops. I loaded my overnite samples into said gel….lost. Re-do, for the third time. I could not for the life of me, manage to pipette 200 uL aliquots of competent cells for freezing. I did 95 for like 5…. then remembered and added another 105 to one and forgot to adjust the pipettemen. so did 105 in the next 15 or so before i realized JUST HOW blonde a day i was having. oh my gosh. bad things happen when i start the day at the gym.

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