>today was my first day in the lab, and i’ll be working with a girl named Linda, who studies Pyruvate Carboxylase (PC), the enzyme that converts Pyruvate to Oxaloacetate (get out your biochemistry maps and review!! haha). My rotation will consist of cloning the gene into a vector and attempting to purify PC of  various species from transformed bacteria, and work towards crystal structures for comparisons. Although my project will really be helping Linda with her PhD research and not starting a project of my own, I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn a bunch of methods I’ve had zero experience with before, and have someone with a vested interest helping me. started PCR today for the only the second time ever… will check it out tomorrow! hopefully nice results??? haha. i know it will be very different than my experience at wheaton. one tiny example: they pour their own protein gels here!!! haha. little did i know that i was accustomed to a luxury, ordering gradient gels from Invitrogen! =D

i think things are slowly starting to become normal here… i’m used to my apartment, have discovered the Columbia gym (gasp! shocking I know), found the cheapest coffee on the way to class, I have my classes set and my research rotation determined (phew!), i’ve been attending Redeemer and have a small circle of faces I recognize there, which is comforting! i was connected through a mutual friend to a girl name Kristin here at CU who has been such a blessing already… having someone i can connect with in a vertical dimension and bounce ideas off of on how to relate to non-believers in various settings.

i enjoy my classmates, but am also ever aware of how i often feel they only know a fraction of who i am. and wonder when or if they will be open to discovering the deeper dimension of what makes me tick…. hmm.

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  1. >AshleyI ran across your blog address this morning. I will be praying for you as you make this big adjustment. It will get better and will be manageable as you take it in bite size pieces and look to Jesus for your strength and value. I too wish for simplier, lighter days. I sure have some great memories of the Paulson and Kuhnhausen adventures. Blessings ….Rick

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