>here i go!

Its 9:47 pm and i have fully caffeinated coffee pumping through my veins–a sensation reminiscent of undergrad, but this time it’s for graduate studies! haha. Bad habits die hard?

To give you a glimpse: I am currently putting together a brief, review-oriented summary of “linkage groups” that I will deliver to my peers and to my genetics professor (the 2008 Nobel Laureate–SLIGHTLY intimidating) a week from today. The irony is that I had no idea what they were prior to my initial google search to get the whole thing started! The vocabulary gap looms so large!  LOL…. I am in for a treat here, having essentially zero biology background. But I like it, and that’s what counts, right?

I also have to review for a “Certificate of Fitness” test at FDNY on Friday. People in my program were all joking today because many of us initially thought it was a physical fitness test, and were all afraid we’d fail out at the start because of a lack of physical conditioning! haha. (Thankfully?) its a little simpler than that. 🙂

Gettin’ it done now so i can enjoy Labor Day Weekend! 🙂

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