>4-D stretch

>i am getting SO nervous. oh my. gotta keep reminding myself that i am not in this alone. but i still dread being stretched in every dimension…. dread being lonely, and shocked, being hungry and homesick, being heavensick, being humbled, i dread doubting, and feeling stupid.

on a somewhat random side note, i recently was looking for a song and came across this one by Derek Webb… and i like the honesty of his lyrics.

…There are times that I believe I’m satisfied
Like an intimate connection
Despite this bad reception with you

Because I can’t afford to pay
For most of what i say
So it’s a lucky thing
That the truth’s public domain

And I am like a mockingbird
I’ve got no new song to sing
and i am like an amplifier
I just tell you what I’ve heard
Oh, I’m like a mockingbird….

….And I’ll do all I can
To be a better man
Oh I’ll clean up this act
And be worse than we started

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