>so… i recently finished reading “The Language of God” and am still marinading… i think its well written, but my typical reaction to a well-written book is read and say “wow! yes!” and simultaneously be unable to identify problems with it. a guy i met during my visit to Columbia has identified some, which he pointed out making me feel rather small. haha.

and i overwhelmed by (a) how blissfully ignorant i am, (b) how poor i am at and how much i dislike considering/articulating issues relating to origins and integrating the Bible, faith, and science, and (c) the sense of obligation i feel to be able to articulate these things to people in light of my impending graduate studies. i greatly sympathize with the hoards of scientists that claim to believe in God but just ignore all together the seeming contradictions between the Bible and science.


this week is a mom-at-work week, which entails me keeping order around the house. gag. she and allie come home wednesday. not soon enough. =)

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