>tragedy & triumph

>tragedy…. today we received news that AIM-AIR, AIM’s aviation division and an integral support system to rural ministries in Africa, had a fatal plane crash in the kibera slums of Nairobi. The pilot was killed and one of his passengers received substantial 3rd degree burns. My heart aches for his wife and children. It aches for the Kenyans and missionary community he leaves behind… it aches for AIM-AIR and the questions this brings as the crash is investigated and AIM-AIR self-evaluates to identify what went wrong… and for the potential long-term affects of missionary aviation in Africa. This is only one of several crashes in the past few years…

triumph …. it has been a pleasure to have my friends from Bristol here to visit this week. Lanny and Carla were good friends of ours for years when we lived in Uganda, and also are the friends I lived with in Bristol while I was in England for 3 weeks in December. Its been fun to catch up with them, talk, enjoy coffee and just be together. Its been years since our families were together! Lanny is the International Director of AIM, and my dad is the AIM-AIR representative in the USA, a CFI, and involved in the flight orientation program that AIM-AIR pilots go through here in North Carolina…. his heart is with mission aviation in Africa. And in little ways I can see that maybe the Lord had Lanny here to be with Dad to receive this hard news…

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